Kickapoo XC 2008

Growing up, my father had an arsenal of colloquialisms ready to fire to let me down gently after attempting and sucking at different sports. Having attempted little league, roller hockey, soccer, swimming, and bowling, I have heard a few from the battery. A personal favorite of mine echoed through my head for a good hour Sunday, "Welp, you win some, you loose some. That's racin." This particular day in history, I lost some; four chainring bolts to be exact.

Backstory: After traveling 3.5 hours to Kickapoo State Park, just east of Chambana, registering, and snagging some swag, I hit the 12 mile trail for an hour pre-ride. Immediately, the Bandito began protest screaming with every revolution. Massive chain suckage followed after attacking one of the larger 30% grades on the course. While trying to rip the chain free from the rings, I noticed that four of my five chainring bolts had gone the way of the dodo. Stupidly or heroically (you be the judge) I ran the bike back to the car, set it up as a 1x9 in granny gear, gave the finger to the man and attempted the sport race.

Sitting in the back after nearly missing the start call I dropped half of the field in the first few hundred feet Granny St. Louis-Start style. Passing on the grass, I moved up to the front breakaway group of five dudes. Unfortunately, I made one pass too few and found myself sitting pretty behind a real hyphy on a superfly. With every pass attempt he would jump all over me like a monkey with jellybeans then return to novice mode like a Californain on Salvia. Jerk. Sucked wheel for a couple of miles while my chain danced all over the cassette mix tape style until calling it and throwing my bike in the woods. After a long nature hike back to the car with some choice language, I took on the role of camera man and support for my Mesa teammates in the expert race. Heat exhaustion and Subway sandwiches rounded out the afternoon.

Again quoting my pops, "at least i've got my looks." Vindication in two weeks.

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