Fat -> Skinny

Short on time the last few weeks...er...months and thus have failed to produce any mindless two wheeled banter for the church of the
electronic masses. I am often fickle pushing things aside only to desire them minutes later. For example, sometime ago I decided cycling blogs are foolish and that I am nowhere near pro enough to have one. Plus the square frames at WIRED informed me that weblogs are tired and that twitter is inspired or some jive like that. Figs to that. I am giving it another go. Hence forth here stands a digital monument to my land traversing achievement, may it be aesthetically pleasing yet steadily sardonic.

That being said, here's what we missed. School commenced, consuming time like Pac-Man and those yellow blocks. Cycling and blogs go down the tubes Mario style, book worming engage. Kickapoo was the last real cross country race for the season until The Burnin'. In the meantime, some friends and I competed in the Red Bull Soap Box Derby with our Deathmobile. Sadly, I missed the action, opting to do study and spend time with my beautiful girl (wise decisions all around).
Bunn, McGoofy, Yo

Burnin' happened. Nick, last years mate, flew in from Denver for the weekend. We singlespeeded it up, reuniting Team Single And Desperate (much less clever now that we all have girlfriends). A total of 8 flat tires in 12 hours left the team shooting the proverbial bird at the Rockbiter. In the end, we traded the belt buckles for beers.

The following weekend I found myself in northern Arkansas with a group of Wash U students on the school's dime. Although most were scaling rock, I found time to escape on trail and fly over some. I spent a late afternoon on The Erbie which reminded me of portions of The Berryman (the bad portions). Fortunately, a fellow cycling bro and I disappeared for a full day ride on the Syllamo system outside of Moutain View. Syllamo is amazingly gnarly single track that must be experienced. Definitely one of the best trail rides of my year and good training for the upcomming physical annihilation.

Last weekend I raced and/or survived the Berryman Epic, 60 miles Ozark Trail and Berryman hell. Going into the event out of shape just hoping to finish, I somehow found myself in 15th overall. However, I cramped and bonked in the same mile only 9 miles from the finish knocking my place and ego back to 33rd.

Lastly, I crossed to cross Sunday and plan to leave the fat tires on the shelf for the rest of the year. Being my first venture into the skinny wheeled spectacle, I raced the C heat placing 3rd overall. Had Club Buca not given out free beer the night before I probably could have managed that coveted first 1st. Maybe this weekend, although my conscience tells me to cat up. Meow.

This post has not been as elequent as I would have liked, but there was a lot to be said and I am procrastinating from doing more pressing junk. Will try to put out more in the future.

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