Back to the Future Weekend

Narrative Hook-

Stellar action packed weekend: Halloween, Daylight Savings, & two nights of euro field racing to kick off the new month.


Donning a green Parisian silk garment, I started the race on the front line alongside a man sized hare and Number 6. Immediately the soggy grass gave way to precariously slick mud sections. My mountain skills out-shined the time trialing road fellows as I slowly gapped the field. Maintaining a steady pace for 45 minutes allowed for a flawless race, sans mishaps in what could have been a wipeout fest. Overall the race was fun, but uneventful as I easily held 3rd for the meat of it. $10 and 4 points the richer, I hit the sack.


Tired as anticipated, I hit Carl's Big Bend Pay 'N Spray for a Sunday morning bike bath. With the Stevens looking 95% pro, the mates and I hit Creve Coeur for the third time this week. I was hoping for call-ups like the previous night afair, but in their absence I still found my way to a second row start in a narrow, strung out B field. At the end of the asphalt straight, I hit the wooded section around 6th wheel. I jockeyed with a few noticeably slower riders for two laps before connecting with my usual Dent Wizard counterpart. The two of us, surprising equally matched, traded pulls for a couple laps, putting a huge gap on 5th and bridging up to 2nd. With the number 2 man visibly fatigued, I swung around and proceeded to tow the group for 3 or so laps.

Coming through the ties section with 2 to go, my rear brake jammed as I remounted requiring me to hop off, remedy, and hammer. Fervently hitting the slog, I managed to regain contact with the group and sandwich in. Out of gas, the chaps put some hurt on in the closing moments culminating in a three way group sprint to the line. Aftermath: a wheel length away from the big money, 3 points in the bucket, and generally content with the weekend of racing. College season kicks off next weekend which may evoke other noteworthy happenings. We'll see how the logs are feelin' and what the Rock is cookin'.

Afterword -

Bono to elimiNATEr for rockin' his first cross weekend aboard the ferSirrus express and mucho gusto to Bunnbo Baggins for a truckload of hot shots.

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