Inaugural Ride for the Year of the Ox

Spent the last few weeks since Christmas at the edge of America, hiking in the Chisos Mountains. I often need breaks like this to rest the mind and recharge the proverbial battery. Having taken a long siesta from reality, school, the midwest, showering, and cycling, I return home to have my life explode in my face like an a la carte semtex sandwich. Pain and anguish gratis.

Not feeling like discussing my personal life further with the bits and bytes of our computers, I spare any further details.
Stumbling about attempting to pike up the pieces reminiscent of some natural disaster survivor, I climbed back into the saddle and attempted to sooth the soul with each subsequent stroke. Kings of Leon, TV on the Radio, & the Killers were my guides.

Friday was gorgeous weather to return to, affording some dirt bike action at Castlewood. Astoundingly, the legs cooperated and showed little sign of degradation. Sadly though, trail conditions were moist secluding me to the few rocky portions of the wood. One can only do so many runs up the east ends of Lone Wolf and Grotpeter. {Man I can't wait to move west...} Fortunately many other St. Louisisans capitalized on the weather reprieve as well, churning the moist trail into RUT-abaga borscht. Castlewood should be nice and crap come springtime!

Today I found myself meandering about the city and the rivertrail. Put in some miles for the base building thing I keep hearing about. Base building = bore fest. Some mind and muscle enhancing drugs would sure go well with my humus sandwich.

Here's to 2009, things can only get better. I eagerly await.

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