Now is the Winter of our Discontent

I like discovering new things about myself. It turns out that I like to meet new people and really enjoy a good raged out indie trance techno jam session from time to time. Box wine is a fine lubricant to get the legs moving. Last night allowed the intrinsic warmth to return to the heart. Not quite there yet, "but I've got to admit it's getting better, better all the time."

St. Louis was beautiful today. With no forewarning, the skies cleared, the sun appeared, and the winds settled. This is time when the folks with any sense of logic reach for a mountain bike and shred tail like tax documents. I managed an afternoon ride at the Chubb, strangely not one of my favorite trails, but I assumed rocks equate to dry trail. Assumptions confirmed. Started in the east and rode the low stuff heading westward. Pretty good ride despite having lost all aerobic capacity. Somewhat worried about early season race performace.

Oddly, the Meramec was gorgeous; I never would have conjectured. The water appeared a spearmint green with patches of white ice flow giving view of the bright yellow sand beaches at each bend. I wish I had my camera.

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