Following the Bump & Jump in late May, I inadvertently stamped my ticket for a excursion on the pain train. I guess I got a little heavy early on with the high-end training leading up to the WORS opener (a trade-off for my first first). The ensuing month was spent dodging rides whilst nursing some ITB Syndrome/ Tendinitis conglomerate.

Throw the tiny violins in the river of tears, 'cause this weekend meant sick single speed action at Binder Lake. After spending Saturday skiing with my pops, I awoke from my coma induced sleep Sunday morning, sore and sun burned. F it. My roommate, the original ghost face ss killah, and I pulled up just in time to see the herd roll off into the woods. A quick smattering of Asos on my boys and a few arm circles to loosen up, we sprinted into the single track on a hunt down.

Not far into the trail, we joined up with the leisure suiters and after a few Top Gun-esque duo flybys, Mav and the Iceman settled in with a midpack group holding a sustainable pace. Most of the first two laps consisted of an enjoyable cruise, chatting with friends along the way. Total hangout session.

Wash U Squad: Chris Bunn-bo Baggins and Myself Gnar Shredding

At the end of the second lap, my legs felt great and my pre-race chicken sandwich was still fueling the tank, so I gave the poop-rod some gas and flew by a couple of Seagal-ians leaving my Wash U team mate to his own devices. I stayed on the throttle throughout most of lap three surprisingly feeling really good despite the lack of training. By the third go around, I either really had the single track down or was to tired to make turns, but either way I flossed the shit out of that trail (like a dentist on pcp). Rolling past a few more bro-skis, the dogs started barkin' during one of the open field gruel sections. Just a few miles from home, I managed to stay on top of the pedals and roll in for an 11th out of 40 or so.

Despite not being a super legit race and not totally rockin' the mo, I am still really pleased with the result given my recent riding. The beautiful day and abundance of hooligans made the event for me. It's great to be back in the game again. Hopefully the legs agree with me tomorrow. If so, next up on the docket is the Firecracker 50 followed by the State Championship.

"Hear me baby, hold together."

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