Keep the Faith

When offered free tickets to see Judas Priest and Whitesnake, my mullet spontaneously grew 3 inches that day. Despite only knowing a handfull of songs between the two power chord ripping rock squads, I thoroughly enjoyed the show (the show around me that is; the stuff on stage was pretty decent too). The evening employed every ele
ment you might expect from a steriotypical 80's arena show; laser lights, fog machines, motor bikes, pleather, rhinestones, big hair, and 15 minute guitar and/or drum solos. Whitesnake was playing at a mere "State Fair" level, but Priest totally brought their ready to rock a mid-size hockey arena musical powers. In conclusion, Rob Halford's falsetto shrieks melt the face.

Also, this came to me attention. Not sure what I plan to do about that.

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