Rip'en Ripon

Quick race update from Wautoma Wisconsin. Up here near Mt. Morris (middle of motherlicking nowhere) for the second round of the collegiate mountain bike series. I write to you from the corner of my suite at the Super 8, catching the World's replay, post pizza and hot tub ransacking.

Nordic Mountain Ski Area at Mt. Morris hosted the event which is also home to the Subaru Cup on the WORs circuit. Each 5.1 mile lap consisted of a king's ransom of open track climbing with tech heavy single track descents. The entire trail was littered with cabbage sized rocks and knobs. Perfect conditions for some skull busting (especially on a full rigid).

Rolling up late, I brought up the rear of the herd through the opening cardiac arrest climb. Picking up a few spots on the climb, I entered the single track just inside the top 20. Over the next two laps, I slowly picked off riders moving just outside the top 10. Halfway through lap three, the tank ran dry and my energy belly flopped. I botched my feed, loosing a spot, then a series of pedal strikes and sloppy bike handling lost another. Pulling myself back together I trudged through the last lap and finished 15th overall. I am kicking myself however, as I could see the next three places just a few seconds ahead, yet I failed to attempt to gap up.

Once again ambivalent about my results. It was a fairly stacked field with a few u23s and Pros on the front, but I had trouble just hanging with the D-listers as both my high end and stamina both gave out. I guess this is all just good training for next year. Hope the short track goes a little better tomorrow. Season goal is at least one top ten finish. Here's hoping!

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