Cross the Streams!

Yo cats. After last minute realization that the Purdue cross country race was in Eastern Time, I opted to shrug off the 5 hour drive to North Indy for some St. Louis racing action. Hermann Cross Under the lights kicked off my '09 cyclocross season with an 80's synth riff.

Debating what class to race during the drive out to Hermann, I was set straight in the registration line by some Mesa mates, Brace and DB, suggesting I remove my head from my ass. I am glad that I ended up in the 3's race. Despite starting on the back and dropping my chain a few times, I managed to work my way up to a 12th place finish. Crossing the line with my teammates, Zach & Matt, was the highlight of my weekend (although the deal would have been sweetened had we been 123 rather than 10, 11, 12).

Although my cross course repertoire is yet small, I thought the Hermann layout was stellar. The stairs provided a grueling obstacle/beer tunnel and the flat stuff turned out to be screamin' fast. The jury is still out on the sandpit-hurdle section. Devious piece of track. Course aside, my BAMF chi-chi hybrid cruiser bike thing surprisingly rocked and rolled thanks to the Durace groupo and tires that cost more than the wheels they are mounted to!

Said and done, great race, great times! Really love hanging out with the Mesa crew. They alone make me insanely eager for cross season to get rolling. In the meantime however, MWFTCS @ Greensfelder, Burnin', and Collegiate Regionals are planned to round out my fat tire racing this season.

Sick D.

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Scott said...

Nice work riding up from the back of the field. I started on the front row and only managed 7th. Stay way from the Men's Open untill you can win the 3's race(Bubba A is different.... sorta). See you at G-fielder, hope it doesnt rain to much!!!