Burnin' Sechs

Full body chafe, neck feels like it's been karate chopped, & enough lactic acid in my legs to make a quart of cottage cheese; aftermath of my weekend with the dragon lady known as the Burnin' at the Bluff.This weekend marked my third crack at the indisputably best mountain bike race in the midwest.

Two years ago, I was a mere Burnin' virgin, getting my sh1t tossed in the 1x1 class. At that unenlightened point in my life, having just discovered SPDs, but not yet embracing the tight pants, I managed three 1:30 laps. Pretty sick D for my first ever mountain bike race. Last year, I returned to the Bluff with a seasons worth of sport racing experience accrued, now fully embracing the tight pants, and once again chomping at the dingle speed competition. After puking out a balls out 1:15 lap, I triple flatted on lap 2, and inserted beer into face for the remainder of the day.

Exposition exposited, this weekend was big for me. Having become smitten with mountain biking after a ride at CBluff in the beginning, having left something out in the woods the previous year, and having this be the last fat tire race of my best season yet, I approached the weekend chuck full of piss and vinegar. Despite wanting to yet again try my hand at the no-gears class, my Mesa mates felt otherwise and divorced me from that notion. Ruffie-colada, Prince of Darkness, and myself enlisted in the incredibly stacked Wicked Fast category. MJames carried us early in the day with Con-Air and myself switching out for the afternoon and night laps.

Lap 1 for me, aboard the Karate Monkey, felt phenomenal. Despite a few bobbles on some of the slippery sections, I blasted around the lake posting a 1:12 lap. Besting my fast lap from last year and setting the fast lap for the team, I was incredibly pleased. For lap 2, wanting to save my body, I borrowed a S-Works Epic from the Specialized demo trailer. With $9,000 resting in my crotch, I managed to post yet another 1:12 lap. Hindsight, I am kind of bummed that I didn't jockey the Epic for my first lap while the legs were fresher, as my laps times were fast, but still not in contention with the fast cats. As has been my story for most of this season, still looking for minutes out there in the woods.
Sick Rips Bra!

Went out for a third, pitch black, night lap; this time on a Stumpjumper FSR. Loads of suspension travel allowed me to smash into every rock, twig, and obstacle on trail at full speed, and I did. Having some problems with my lights and with my legs, I rolled in for a 1:30ish lap, 15 minutes shy of the time cut-off. Tired, wet, cold; and with my mates already enjoying the Blue Ribbon tent, I grabbed a bowl of pasta and shrugged off the back-to-back night lap. Probably should have gone out for one more to avoid looking like a wiener, but as I write this today, my body assuredly appreciates the 13 mile deficit.

Round Up! Rad weekend as always; in fact, better than previous Burnin's. Really enjoyed camping with my Wash U crew (congrats to them for a 4th place co-ed finish) and racing with my Mesa pals (congrats to us, despite finishing 6th in Wicked Fast we still managed 10th overall). I totally owe Specialized and the Justin duo a Coke for supplying me with the most chi-chi bikes I have ever piloted. Above all, thanks to everyone at Mesa for a great event and a great year of mountain bike racing!
The Business End.

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Casey Ryback said...

Jesus dude, you smoked my fast lap. In fact, it's such a slow lap that I'm actually still out on it. This satellite-laptop is great! Prepare for next year...