MWCCC Regionals

Wash U Cycling Team Fall '09

Traveled to Mizzou Saturday for collegiate regionals; synonymous with last cross country race of my season. Last minute rain and rain-phobia migrated the race venue from Rockbridge to Cosmopolitan Park. Kind of upsetting as I pre-rode Rockbridge a few weeks ago in anticipation of a strong race in Columbia. I also have never ridden well at Rhett's Run. Regardless, I entered the race somewhat listless and flat due to a heavy week of carb loading for my 23rd birthday.

Off the line, the expert field funneled from 20 wide to 1 wide, ejecting most of the periphery into a giant ass pine tree. The subsequent opening section of trail continued to be a crash up derby with kids flying off into the woods in every direction. Making it through the first techy descent and gaining a few places on the following climb, I encountered a fast Michigan rider looking for some CO2. As I rode past, I threw him my can, and settled into a group. At the top of the climb my rear end got loose then started the cobra hiss of death. Flat tire. No CO2. Middle of the Woods. Weekend over. Pay it forward my ass.

Anyways, not the way I wanted to end my racing season. Things have been up and down this year. I had a good opener with my Wors Sport win, followed by lots of time off the bike nursing tendinitis. Came back strong mid summer to win Mo States and place just out of the top 10 at Nationals. Catted up, and finished the season out with some lackluster performances. Looking forward to the upcoming Burnin' and putting in some miles before the cross season kicks off. Here's to the end of the fat tire season and the dawn of euro field racing.

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